New Customers Welcome

2019 Customers Welcome!

If you had your project installed this season, this is for you!

First of all, Thank You for being the best part of Thatcher Retractables!

Since you are new to our service offerings, please read carefully the information below.  We want you to choose the right service offering.

Choosing the right products & services

In choosing the right products & services, the best starting point is to know what product you purchased.  Once you know what product you purchased, you can better understand what we recommend to prepare for winter.

Thatcher Premium Awnings have an exposed roll.  We recommend that you purchase and install a soft winter cover for this product line.  Soft Winter Covers are available in Black, Grey, & Tan colors.  We reference your size through our manufacturing system to match the exact size.  When purchasing online, you just need to know an approximate size.   The categories for pricing purposes are less than 10′, 10’1-19′, and 19’1 and above.  Delivery of the cover is included to you at no additional cost.  If you would rather have our Pro’s install the cover, you can choose either Put Up Winter Cover Service or both Put Up and Take Down Service.

Quick Links…  Buy Cover  *  Put Up and Take Down Service  *   Put Up Winter Cover Service 

Thatcher Premium Plus Awnings have a metal cover.  These awnings do NOT need a soft winter cover.  We do recommend that you remove your valance for the winter.  This is a simple operation, but if you would like our Pro’s to do it, we can.

Quick Link… Take Down Valance in Fall and Rehang Valance in Spring

EZ Shade Pergola Shades are meant to be removed for the winter.  The Fabric and the Fabric Wings easily remove while the main rails stay in place.  We manufacture a storage bag to protect the fabric for the winter months.  If you would like your EZ Shade taken down by our Pro’s, we price each job individually.  Give us a call and we will quote it for you.

Quick Link…  EZ Shade Storage Bag

Solar Screens that are commonly installed on pergolas or other structures should be covered for the winter months.  The covers are available in Black, Grey, and Tan.  There covers are manufactured to the size of the products and only have one pricing category.

Quick Link… Solar Screen Winter Cover

In Future Years…  We recommend additional services such as Awning Wash & Awning Tune-up, but definitely not in the first full season.  If you have concerns about the operation of the awning, you are most likely covered under your one year labor warranty.  To keep your awning clean, we recommend that you hose off your awning gently with a hose for the first season.  Depending on a variety of factors, we recommend wash and tune-ups be done periodically to keep the product looking and running great, so check in with us after each Labor Day and sign up for the service that best fits your needs.

Program Details:  When signing up for Winter Cover Put-up or a Package that includes Winter Cover Put-up, we need to know whether you wish to be in the Early Bird (October 8th-October 20th) or the Standard (October 22nd– November 10th).

We also need to know whether you require Special Access.  “No Special Access Required” means that our technicians have access to your awning location without entering through a gated community, accessing through the home, or notification in-advance so that gates can be un-locked and pets can be removed from the yard.  Last year, we added an access category that was widely mis-understood regarding ladders.  Our crews carry 6’ & 8’ tall step-ladders on the trucks.  We only need to know if an EXTENSION LADDER is required to reach a deck that has no outside stairs OR the Retractable Awning itself.  We do charge a nominal fee to either schedule an appointment to access through the home or send specific vehicles with extension ladders.  We do not charge for notification regarding unlocking gates and keeping your furry family members out of the yard while the Techs do their work.  If we receive orders that do require special access that are not noted, you will be charged for the special access that is required AND, at the discretion of Thatcher Retractables Staff, a trip charge.

Additional Terms of Sale:

  • Orders are Non-Refundable. Completed Form and Payment are due by October 12th and in advance of service.
  • Services will be performed within the time ranges provided by Thatcher Retractables, but Thatcher Retractables will determine the date and time of the service. Exact times of service will NOT be provided with the exception of Special Access Through Home.
  • Services are only available for customers within 90 miles of Thatcher Retractables.  For questions about service area, contact our office.